Why base cooking?

Hardly a single magazine in which there has been at least one article on acid-base balance

The subject is so popular and yet at the same time offers so much room for misunderstanding. How can it be that all these acid-base “diets” do not really work?

The principle is simple and nevertheless highly effective, but only those who have truly understood it will be able to achieve the appropriate results.


Being in a base-state means having energy.

Acid is nothing bad and base is not necessarily good. Solely the balance between the two is decisive for our health.

All people are the same, aren’t they? At least the ph-value of our blood proves this true, for this lies for all people between 7,35 and 7.4.

Our organism pays extreme attention to this remaining just so, since even slight discrepancy is a deadly excursion.

This means: we eat acidic and our body compensates. No problem. Yet in the long-term, this action of constant cushioning with reserve minerals (bases) leads to degeneration.

It begins with constant freezing, listlessness, tiredness. The result is our countless and well-known civilisation diseases. That is doesn’t have to be this way, and even long-standing chronic suffering can find relief is something that you can experience in my cooking workshops.

Furthermore, you can learn why the banana and the universally loved potato are only “base-building” and why this is not base itself.


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