Regenerating and strengthening with base cooking

Preparing a meal so that it has a high ph-value is something you will learn in the nutrition workshop with Michael Dietz.

Here, being healthy and delicious totally belong together since healthy cooking should not mean having to do without but instead mean complete enjoyment. It is based on the original 5 Elements and Yin/Yang-Teaching by book author and nutrition specialist Jörg Krebber.

We will be savouring vegetarian European dishes on the basis of ancient Asian nutritional healing, which acts to regenerate and strengthen.

With this fare, symptoms such as freezing, tiredness, and listlessness will soon be a thing of the past.


Furthermore, you can learn why the banana and the universally loved potato are only “base-building” and why this is not base itself.


How will each meal become a pleasure for me, and strengthen body and spirit.

How do I escape from my sugar obsession?

How do I obtain usable protein?

What is really organic?

And much more..


Your colleagues, relatives, friends.. are interested in healthy eating?

Organise a group of at least 12 participants and I will come to the place of your choice for a workshop.

Contact me!