Nourishment comes from to nourish

Yet which form of nourishment still nourishes us today? For a start, most of the food that we eat today costs us energy, and much of it even harms us.


Never before has Western civilisation been so overweight and at the same time so malnourished. For those people who have not yet completely lost their sense for pleasure and the effect of nutrition, or would like to rediscover it, my cooking workshop is exactly the right thing.


Nutrition which not only is an absolute culinary delight, but at the same time nourishes, and is able to both restore and maintain our health.


The trademark KIO is composed of the terms Ki (Japanese: inner force) and Bio (life), and thus stands for lively inner force.


Everything in nature seeks the balance of Yin and Yang, and cannot exist without this. When Yin and Yang are in unison, energy flows and well-being regulates itself.


On the other hand, an imbalance leads to degeneration and illness.

In terms of nutrition, Yin and Yang are a synonym for acid and alkaline. This is no new nutrition doctrine or diet. It concerns a fundamental principle which has been in use for thousands of years – not only in Asia but also for a considerable time in Europe. These lost and forgotten principles are being rediscovered in our modern times and put into practise