Cooking promotion

Tofu is tasteless!” and “Seitan? – never heard of it”

This and similar is what many customers still say in the sector of organic selling. Give your customers new ideas and get them buying in this product sector which has up to now been low in turnover. This works best when they can taste for themselves the delicious dishes, made before their eyes in your shop.


Overacidification is the topic of our time, and will remain so for a long time to come. Preparing a meal so that it has a high ph-value and thus acts both regenerating and strengthening is something your customers will experience directly at the promotion stall.


With such an initiative, your customers gain trust in you and your competency is raised in their eyes. Furthermore, you stand out against your competitors in an interesting way. As a sideline, you can always use such a promotion for drawing attention through the local press. (Please contact me for any questions here).


Fresh ingredients from your range will be used for cooking. With the help of Ume products, oils, many herbs and spices, I will conjure up European dishes for you based on traditional nutritional healing.

Tasty pan-fried tofu, a vegetarian seitan goulash, a mayonnaise for losing weight or a healthy sweet dessert provides both variety and a change from the usual.


The list of ingredients for each recipe will be handed out for free to the customers – the necessary ingredients are then often bought directly.

Those who have acquired a taste for this style of cooking will also be your customers in future and will value your competent offer.


Please call me to fix a date or to discuss costs, or send me an e-mail to: