Jörg Krebber

Jörg Krebber was born in Munich in 1947.

In his youth he suffered from various illnesses: enlarged spleen, asthma, hay fever, allergies, Morbus Crohn, hepatitis A, B and C. At the age of 25, from a medical point of view abandoned, he bought himself a ticket to Asia.


His first stop led him to Japan, in order to study traditional Eastern medicine, acupuncture and nutrition science. In India he gained extensive knowledge of Yoga, Ayurveda, Feng Shui and Shiatsu. He completed his main studies in Tibet and learnt face-, hand-, foot-, and body- diagnosis, acupuncture, and medicinal massage under Master Dr. Bhan, as well as dietetics, based on the universal principle of Yin and Yang.


His health restored, he returned to Europe after 11 years and rounded off his knowledge by studying Western dietetics.

In his talks and seminars, Jörg Krebber explains his “Principle”, which he also calls NCP – Neurological Cellular Programming. In a vivid way, he shows how the alchemy of cooking works. There is no need for us to rediscover our food. In the easy-to-understand and exciting talks he explains how the principles of Five Element Cooking can be put into practise in what you eat, and how one can literally “cook” illnesses out of the body.


Jörg Krebber explains in his talks how the various elements of nutrition according to Western style stand in relation to the teaching of Yin and Yang and to the Five Element Theory of nutrition from far-Eastern medicine, and what these can do for your health.


further information at: www.nahrungistmedizin.de